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Hi there! Welcome to my site. My name is An and I am a filmmaker and photographer.

Having studied anthropology and media studies at Utrecht University College, I am interested in a wide range of topics such as LGBTQ+ identities and communities, migration and diaspora, themes surrounding race, intersectionality, environmental matters, and anything else that might present itself as a topic to be urgently addressed in a cinematic format.

Film, to me, is a powerful yet new tool of mass communication, of which its capabilities are still vastly unexplored. It is a tool of worldmaking, a tool to voice unspoken narratives, and yet also a tool to censor and silence. A tool that is becoming democratic more and more. To me, film is a way to seeing this world, an attempt to make sense out of it. It is a way to create something that evokes and interacts with this strange place we live in. 

If you would like to learn more about my works and my ideas, you can reach me on my email address:

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